Definitions and Terms

The page below breaks down some common terms and definitions used throughout this online report.


Feed (Feeding Stuff)
Any single or multiple materials, whether processed, semi- processed or raw, which is intended to be fed directly to food-producing animals.

Feed Ingredient
A component part or constituent of any combination or mixture making up a feed, whether or not it has a nutritional value in the animal’s diet, including feed additives. Ingredients are of plant, animal or aquatic origin, or other organic or inorganic substances.

Feed Additive
Any intentionally added ingredient not normally consumed as feed by itself, whether or not it has nutritional value, which affects the characteristics of feed or animal products. Micro-organisms, enzymes, acidity regulators, trace elements, vitamins and other products fall within the scope of this definition depending on the purpose of use and method of administration.

Medicated Feed
Any feed which contains veterinary drugs as defined in the Codex Alimentarius Commission Procedural Manual.



Complete Feed
A nutritionally adequate feed compounded by a specific formula to be fed as the sole ration and capable of maintaining life and/or promoting production without any additional substance except water.

A feed used with another to improve the nutritive balance of the total and intended to be diluted or mixed to produce a supplement or a complete feed; may be unsafe if fed free choice or alone as a supplement.

Vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, drugs/medicines, and other materials usually required in feeds in small amounts as feed additives.

A uniform mixture of one or more microingredients/ additives with a diluent and/ or carrier to facilitate their even distribution in a larger mix.

Primary feed
A feed formulated from single ingredients, sometimes containing a premix (less than less than 45.5 kg per tonne or 100 pounds per tonne).

Trace Minerals
Mineral nutrients required by animals in micro amounts (measured in units of grams per kg or smaller).